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Our Dumpster Sizes & Pricing

14 Yard Dumpster

3 Days (7 Day Rate Available)
Additional Weight Just $.039 cents/ lb.

Best Pricing Guaranteed


20 Yard Dumpster

3 Days (7 Day Rate Available)
Additional Weight Just $.039 cents/ lb.

Best Pricing Guaranteed


Roofing Dumpster

20 Yard Roofing Dumpster - Flat Rate Pricing

Our 20 Yard Roofing Dumpster is the perfect solution for your roofing project needs. With flat-rate pricing, you can budget with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect. Whether you’re a roofing contractor or a homeowner tackling a roofing job, this dumpster offers both convenience and affordability.

The 20-yard size strikes an ideal balance. It’s large enough to accommodate all your roofing materials, including shingles, underlayment, and old roofing debris, yet compact enough to fit comfortably in your driveway or job site.

Our flat-rate pricing means you won’t encounter any surprise fees or hidden costs. You’ll know upfront how much you’re paying, allowing you to plan your project budget effectively. Plus, our easy delivery and pickup options ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Choose our 20 Yard Roofing Dumpster with flat-rate pricing for a cost-effective and efficient roofing waste disposal solution.

20 Yard Dumpster

3 Days (7 Day Rate Available)
Additional Weight Just $.039 cents/ lb.

Best Pricing Guaranteed


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Why Choose Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters?

Trusted Dumpster Rental Company in Columbus, Ohio

Curious why Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters Rentals is your best bet for dumpsters in Columbus, Ohio? Well, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got an array of compelling reasons that make us stand out in the world of large dumpster rentals. From our commitment to prompt and reliable service to our status as a veteran-owned and operated business, there’s a lot to love about Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters. So, buckle up and join us on this journey to discover what sets us apart from the rest in the dumpster rental arena.

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Curious How Our Dumpster Rental Process Works?

Order Dumpster Online

1. Order Online

Submit Information online by clicking the “online button” below. Then you will be able to enter your information, add notes and pay online securely.

2. Get Ready

You will get reminder notifications the day before and when we are on our way. If you want the dumpster at a specific time please put it in the notes section while ordering.

3. Time to Work

You fill up the dumpster and we haul it off when it is ready to be picked up. If you need extra days please request them a day in advance and we will do our best to move your pick up date

4. Pick Up Time

After picking it up we take it to the dump and weigh in and weigh out and after this we will notify you within a day of your weight of your dumpster.

Check Out This Sweet Video!

Check Out This Video To Learn More About Our Dumpster Rental Process

Explore our informative video to demystify the Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters rental process. Discover precisely what to expect when you choose us for your dumpster needs. Simplify your experience with our step-by-step guide.

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Commonly Asked Dumpster Rental Questions

What happens if I need to extend my dumpster?

At Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters, we understand that sometimes projects can take longer than expected. That’s why we offer an easy solution if you need to extend your dumpster rental. Simply give us a call with at least 24 hours notice before your rental period ends, or the day before if you can, and we’ll gladly extend your rental. 

Our extension fee is just $25 per day, ensuring you have the flexibility you need without breaking the bank. We’re here to accommodate your schedule and make your waste disposal as hassle-free as possible. Just another way we prioritize your convenience.

At Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters, we strive to make your dumpster rental experience as transparent and straightforward as possible. Our standard rental packages include a 2000-pound weight limit. However, if you find that your project generates more waste than anticipated, don’t worry. 

Should you exceed the 2000-pound limit, there’s a simple solution. We charge an overage fee of just $0.04 per pound for the excess weight. For example, if you have 2500 pounds of waste, the overage fee would be $20. 

Our goal is to provide flexible options that suit your needs while keeping your costs manageable. We’re committed to ensuring your project runs smoothly, from start to finish. Even with this fee for overage weight we are still cheaper than competitors up to 5500 pounds.

At Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters, we understand the urgency of your waste disposal needs. Our commitment to affordability and quality service makes us a popular choice, so booking in advance is often a wise move. 

While we can accommodate same-day deliveries under certain circumstances, we recommend booking your dumpster at least a week in advance to secure your spot. This ensures you get the size and delivery date you prefer. 

For those with more immediate needs, reserving a dumpster three days ahead should guarantee your rental. Our goal is to make your project hassle-free, so feel free to reach out for availability and scheduling options.

How much weight is 2000 pounds?

It might be challenging to visualize 2000 pounds, but it’s a significant weight that can impact your trash dumpster rental. To put it in perspective, 2000 pounds is roughly equivalent to:

  • A small car.
  • Approximately 10 average-sized refrigerators.
  • Nearly 400 standard-sized watermelons.
  • Over 2,000 cans of your favorite soda.
  • Around 40 standard-sized couches can add up to 2000 pounds.
  • You could fit approximately 80 typical twin-sized mattresses within the 2000-pound limit.
  • It’s equivalent to roughly 50 standard washing machines.
  • You could dispose of about 800 standard-sized bricks without exceeding 2000 pounds.

When renting a dumpster, this weight limit can fill up quickly, especially with construction debris or bulky items. Keep these comparisons in mind. 

At Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters, we understand that projects vary in scope and timing. Our standard rental duration typically spans around 7 days, ensuring ample time for most tasks. However, we’re flexible and customer-focused. If you need more time, we’ve extended rentals to accommodate up to 10 days, providing extra convenience for our valued clients. We aim to strike the perfect balance between giving you the time you need to complete your project effectively while efficiently managing our dumpster resources to meet high demand. Your satisfaction and project success are our top priorities.

We believe in transparency when it comes to our pricing at Pack Mule Columbus Dumpsters. Aside from the rental cost, there are a couple of additional factors to consider. First, there may be applicable taxes, but we’ll clearly outline those charges for you. Second, if your location is over 20 miles from our yard, a mileage fee could apply. However, rest assured, even with this mileage charge, we consistently strive to provide competitive rates that often beat our competitors. Your satisfaction and convenience are our priorities, and we aim to make your dumpster rental experience as cost-effective as possible.